14.10.2019, 11:21:50 (GMT+1)

About the O&G Data link initiative

O&G Data link is a project management office established by a coalition of companies in the Norwegian energy sector to identify and promote best practices, examples and recommendations related to sharing of data.

O&G Data link envisions a Norwegian energy industry with more data available for use between companies, leading in turn to industry-wide gains in safety, productivity and efficiency.   

The O&G Data link's steering committee comprises companies participating in the Johan Sverdrup development, both license partners and suppliers. Equinor leads the project management office, and DigitalNorway contributes to the work bringing insight and examples from other industry collaboration initiatives. The steering committee initiates specific collaboration cases and reference groups, and appoints key people to lead and follow through, promoting specific enablers and/or addressing barriers that prevent digital collaboration.   

The O&G Data link initiative has also been a catalyst for development of a strategic overview of industry initiatives related to digital collaboration.  

O&G Data link is not a corporation, partnership or legal entity of any form, and does not have a commercial purpose other than to support Norwegian energy sector discussions on digital collaboration. O&G Data link does not represent the steering committee companies or any of their individual views. All discussions, materials and results from O&G Data link projects are open and not subject to confidentiality restrictions or intellectual property rights. At no time do participants in O&G Data link projects or the project management office discuss or share experiences related to commercially sensitive data such as prices, production volumes, costs or commercial terms in contracts, or otherwise share information for the purpose of coordinating commercial behavior.


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