14.10.2019, 11:25:26 (GMT+1)

O&G Data link collaboration projects

Sharing for improved safety performance

O&G Data link has gathered a broad spectrum of industry players, including commercial actors and representatives from government and industry associations, to identify opportunities for joint action to enhance safety practice and performance on the NCS. This “dugnad” comes in addition to the many initiatives on improving safety that are already underway within individual companies.

Sharing within a license for value enhancement

This project was initiated by O&G Data link and the Johan Sverdrup partners, and led by Petoro. The team developed a partner- and license value-driven approach to data sharing discussions tested in data visualisation prototypes. These enable the partners to see the same real-time visualisation of data and access the input-data via an API register. Specific solutions in this case are tailored to the Johan Sverdrup license, but the method for aligning data sharing priorities are universal.  

Architecture and API reference group

O&G Data link established a group of experts in the field of data architecture and application interfaces. The group is focused on sharing best practices related to architecture and APIs, highlighting examples, and promoting adoption of standardised solutions for the industry. The group is led by AkerBP.


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